Bridging Loans

From Here To A Potential Profit

Bridging loans for any purpose from £50,000 upwards on propositions that do not include property intended to be the borrowers main residence

Capital Raising - Any Purpose

Acquisition of property at auction or on or off the open market opportunities where the intention is to capitalise on the purchase price to market value or to improve the asset adding value in the process. 

For the savvy purchaser able to acquire property significantly below market value, we can provide funding on a market value basis thus making it possible to borrow up to 100% of the purchase price. 

Funding options include a rolling up of interest so that there are no repayments due during the loan term and as with any loan facility an extension at the end of the original loan term can often be agreed with the majority of our lenders.

When Time Really matters

Funding a business transaction that requires immediate cash, our turnaround time for bridge finance can be as little as 7 days and involves looking only at the property being offered as security not the underlying transaction to which the funds will be deployed by the borrower.

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